Trip's Serperior (Japanese: Shooty's Jalorda) is Trip's starter Pokémon.

Trip's Serperior
Pokémon Information
Type(s): Grass
Gender: Male
Trainer: Trip
Evolves from: Servine
First appearance: BW001: In The Shadow of Zekrom!


Serperior was first introduced in "BW001: In The Shadow of Zekrom!" as a Snivy. He was the Pokémon Trip chosed as his starter. Later, he battled Ash's Pikachu and won despite having no battling experience. He later appears again in "BW010: A Rival Battle for Club Champ!" where it was revealed that he had already evolved into a Servine prior to "BW005: Triple Leaders, Team Threats!". He battled against Ash's Pikachu once again and won with a powerful Cut. He later battled and lost to Ash's Snivy when he was hit by her Attract, then being defeated by a Vine Whip.

His third appearance was in "BW031: Ash and Trip's Third Battle!" where he battled Ash's Snivy and countered her Attract with Leaf Tornado, then his Cut overpowered her and Snivy was unable to battle.

He appeared again in "BW090", this time he had evolved into a Serperior and was used in the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup against Burgundy and her Darmanitan, which it easily defeated with a combination of Leer and SolarBeam. In "BW091" he battled against Marufuji's Heatmor and won, depsite having a type-disadvantage. He later battled against Cilan's Crustle in the semi-finals and defeated it with a powerful Frenzy Plant, winning the battle for Trip. In BW092, he was used by Trip in the finals against Ash's Pignite and won. In the same episode, he begun his battle against Alder's Bouffalant. In the next episode, he continued the battle and lost.


Serperior is a Pokémon with alot of confidence, with enough confidence to defeat Ash's much more experienced Pikachu when he was a Snivy.

Moves Used in the AnimeEdit

Move Name Episode first used in Picture
Tackle In The Shadow of Zekrom! 800px-Trip Snivy Tackle
Leaf Tornado In The Shadow of Zekrom! 800px-Trip Servine Leaf Tornado
Cut A Rival Battle for Club Champ! 800px-Trip Servine Cut
Leer BW090 Trip Serperior Leer
SolarBeam BW090 800px-Trip Serperior SolarBeam
Frenzy Plant BW091 800px-Trip Serperior Frenzy Plant
Dragon Tail BW092 Trip Serperior Dragon Tail



  • Trip seems to have trained Serperior well as seen in the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup where he defeated two fire types (Burgundy's Darmanitan and Marufuji's Heatmor) despite having a major type-disadvantage.
  • Serperior is the only starter obitained by a rival onscreen.